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Competitive  Program

This program is optional for dancers 13 and up who would like to compete.

Auditions will be held once a year and the placement will be under the discretion of the director, choreographers, and trainers. We require commitment from both dancers and parents as dancers train more extensively throughout the week.




Competition Season

Members of the Dance Creation Competitive Team will begin training and rehearsals early in September 2022 and conclude in April 2023. All students will be given the chance to perform their pieces in the Dance Creation end-of-year recital in June. All groups, solos, duets, and trios are not guaranteed to perform in each recital. They are assigned to either the first or 2nd show.

Enrollment Requirements

DC Competitive team members are required to enroll in at least one DC regular class of the same style as the group or groups they are participating in. (For example a dancer in Hip Hop Group must be enrolled in a Hip Hop class or another urban style.

 There will be a training/choreography class each week and all members are required to attend the training session. Specific time and day will be announced later on.

Member Placement

Dancers are carefully placed in their competition groups that are matching their technical abilities. The age of one dancer may differ from the age group of another. But we make a concerted effort to make sure dancers in groups with one another are going to be challenged equally.


Dance Creation is searching for dancers who would like to join our very first competitive teams! 

Auditions Dates:

August 5th, 6pm for Lyrical Teens

August 7th, 2pm for Hip Hop Teens and Hip Hop Adults

This is an Open Audition for the very first competitive team of Dance Creation Studio. Dancers need to register for the auditions. There is no payment required for auditioning. Dancers will be taught a short combo/choreography during the auditions.
For more details, please email us at
Hope to see you there!

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