Parent and Me and Special Classes


Little Leapers

30 minute class

This is a 30 minute class for your toddler

( ages 18 months to 3 years ) and their favourite grown-up, you! This class is something special, as you will dance alongside your tiny dancer and share the joy of your little angel’s every step.

  This program will run for 10 weeks each term.

Whether flying in outer space, going to the circus, playing in the park, dancing like the animals in the zoo, or growing a magical garden, each child will be captivated when they attend class at your studio.  You will be amazed at how useful each lesson is to your child's development and love every second of class as they share many smiles and giggles with your little one. 


Parent and Me

Breaking Class
60 min class

This is a class created for parents and their children. Learn fundamentals of breaking and get ready to have some fun! No experience required!



Kids with Special Needs

60 minute class

This dance class is created for children with special needs. Age and developmental requirement: 9 yrs old and teens. Learn some hip hop moves and get ready to have some fun!

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