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Ever since she was a little girl, self-taught Gretchen always knew that dance was going to be a part of her life. Not being able to afford dance, she would watch a lot of music videos (back when YouTube wasn't a thing) and try to learn dance routines and imitate dancers. Passionately falling for dance, it wasn't until the year 2009 that she decided to technically pursue it. Starting out as a late-bloomer compare to most dancers, it only encouraged her to work harder on her art. Ever since then, she has danced competitively, professionally and voluntarily for local and International dancers/artists such as Chaos Dance, NBL's Miracles Dance team, World Acadian Congress, Weird Al, Matt Leblanc's Art, and Danse en L'air for Inspire. In 2015, Gretchen received the award for ACTMA's (Atlantic Canada's Top Model and Actor) Top Dancer.  She has taken different types of dance workshops such as hip hop, contemporary, jazz funk, ballet, locking, popping, krumping, breakdancing, dancehall, and waacking. Dancers and choreographers that she's acquired knowledge from include Rockwell Family, Edgar Reyes, Luther Brown, Nappytabs, Quest Crew, Janick Aresenau, Kim Gingras, and Jabbawockeez.

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