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Before attending this show, please take note of our checklist

in accordance to the guidelines of Public Health:






























Moncton Wesleyan Life Center





Each story has a dance and each dance has a story.

Each dance piece is a reflection of the

different things that we have been through in the past year.

These dance pieces are heartfelt

and intentional.




Please proceed to the registration booth upon arrival.

Please ensure all persons wear masks

and sanitize your hands upon entry.

You will be given a registration form that you will fill out as you take your seats.

This is needed for our record keeping.

After filling it out, all registration cards will be collected by one of our





After registration, please proceed to the Life Center to find your seat. You will then be ushered

to your pod where you can choose your seats. Three seats will be available per family – 3 for

the guests and 1 for your dancer. Your dancer will need to stay with you the entire time until

they are called onstage.





Everyone is required to wear mask while inside the building.

The only time the dancers are able to remove their mask is while they are on stage.

We will  have stations for hand sanitizers in the venue.




  • All staff and volunteers working at the event are aware of the

Dance Creation Studio Operational Plan.

  • Surface Cleaning: After every POD, we will be wiping down frequently touched surfaces and equipment with disinfectant.

  • Stage Floors will be mopped after each dance performance.

Sanitizer: We will have hand sanitizer (70% alcohol) placed around the venue.





The stage will be marked for each class. Each child will have a specific spot assigned. All

dancers are not required to wear their mask onstage but if the child wishes to wear a mask

onstage, he or she is welcome to.

The stage will be mopped in between the dance numbers. This may take 5-6 minutes.






• If the costume assigned for your child’s class is from Dance Creation Studio, your child’s

costumes will be ready for pick up on the following schedule:


FOR JUNE 13TH: Pick up day is JUNE 12TH at the studio, from 9am-3pm

FOR JUNE 19TH: Pick up day is JUNE 18TH at the studio, from 11am-5pm


• Please make sure that your child is wearing his/her costume and hair and make-up

requirement (if any) upon arrival at the venue. They can change into their dance shoes

once they are in their seats.

• If your child has 2 or more classes during the filming, your child may change in the

changing area. We will have ushers that will assist you and point you where to go.

• After the show is done, please make sure to put your child’s costume in the bag that

will be provided. You will find a bag on your seat and you will need to put the name of

your child on the name tag on the bag. We will collect all the bags once everyone has





• Every child that has multiple classes during the filming will have a designated spot in

our changing room. For children ages 3-8 years old, one parent will need to accompany

the child as he/she changes to the next set of costumes.




• Your child’s class will be called to come up to the stage. We will be calling each child

one by one. For kids ages 3-6 years old, we will ask one of the parents to usher them to

their spot on the stage and help their child remove the mask.


The teachers and thestudent assistants will be helping in directing everyone to their specific spot.

Once all the children are on the stage, the teacher will be doing a run-through of their dance

number. After the run-through, we will be ready to do their dance full out and we will

start filming their dance.

We will have a photographer that will capture this special moment as well.

• Once your child’s number is done, they will be ushered down back to their seat.

• Once all the dance numbers are done and filmed, we will be letting everyone out one

family at a time. Please wait for the instructions on the timing of departure. Wear a

mask as you leave your seats and maintain social distancing.

• We request that all families stay and watch all the dances within their pods.

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