Dear Dance Creation Families,

It is no secret that we have all had a challenging year. On behalf of our team here at Dance Creation Studio, we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your continued support to our school and staff. We are very proud that our students have persevered throughout this pandemic. Despite all the challenges, here we are, together, still standing and we continue to move forward with hope!


To end this school year, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting our dance recital called "Dance Diaries". This show is a reflection of the year 2020-2021. Each of our new dance creations will tell a story, stir and cause emotion, and hopefully inspire reflection and conversation. ­This show is open to all students- new and current enrollees.


This year’s dance recital will be very different compared to previous productions.  We will be filming our recital onstage as our dancers perform their numbers - complete with lights and costumes. To help us cover outside costs involved in producing this event for our students, there will be a recital fee for each student participating in the recital. This fee is going to be $65 per student and $55 per sibling.


This will also include two (2) seats that will be reserved for each dancer for their guests during the filming. We will have a professional videographer and photographer who will capture the special moments of our students onstage and each family will get a high-quality film and photos of our event. Once all the editing for the videos and photos are done, the links will be sent out. (Additional link or DVD orders will be available for purchase). We are also currently working on a souvenir that we can give each student as we end our school year.


We will have 2 recital dates: June 13th and June 19th  and will be held at the Wesleyan Life Centre. The classes will be grouped into pods and we will be giving each pod a specific time for the filming. The allotted time will include the spacing/blocking, run-through, and actual performance. Each pod will be given between 30-60 minutes (depending upon size and needs of the class). Specific times and dates will be sorted out as our registration for Spring Term gets finalized. Please know that we will continue to adhere to the safety guidelines of Public Health as we continue to iron out specific details of our event. With this in mind, please note that your child will be seated with you until the dancer’s pod is called to be onstage. No backstage mingling is allowed under Covid-19 restrictions.


We strongly believe that producing this event will boost the confidence of our students, give them back the joy of performing, and give them a rewarding incentive and a sense of accomplishment. Each dancer has worked very hard, and we want to be able to highlight each of our students as they perform onstage. We do advise that this is not compulsory. We will understand should any student wish to not participate in the recital. As you register this coming Spring Term, you will have the option to add the recital in your enrollment and our recital fee will automatically be added in your account. 


Again, on behalf of our staff, we want to express our commitment to serve each of our dance families in the best way possible. We do hope to see everyone on stage and see their smiles once again! Again, thank you for your continued support.


To God be the glory.



Grace Caines


Dance Creation Studio