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This year, we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of Dance Creation Studio! Our recital is entitled “UNITY: One People, One Tribe, One Dance”.  Our year end recital will be on June 11th and will be held at the beautiful Capitol Theater.


Details about Recital dress rehearsals and show time will be given out as we get into our Spring Term.


The Recital Fee is $35 per student (fee to be charged upon registration). This will include a complimentary downloadable recording of the recital and a recital shirt.


Costume Rental fee is $10 per student, per class. This fee will be waived if the student’s class requires them to provide their own costume.


Recital Tickets: Tickets are not part of the tuition. Ticket Pricing will be released soon and will be available for purchase in May. Dancers who are performing in the show do not need a ticket (they stay backstage with the performers and the chaperones).


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