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Grace has started her dance career since 1997. She began her dance training at  De La Salle University Philippines.  She studied jazz, while working on her Bachelor of Communication Arts degree, Major in Photography.  She continued her dance training post-university and obtained a scholarship at Steps Dance Studio studying jazz, ballet, contemporary, hiphop and modern dance.  She has performed extensively with local and international dance companies. Grace had worked with local and international teachers and choreographers such as Julie Alagde-Caretas, James Laforteza, Liesl Laforteza, Sofia Zobel-Elizalde, Raul Sauz,  Para Isidro, Melvin Jansen-Ang, Guillaume Morgan, Jaime Del Prado, Christine Blando, Nancy Crowe, and Enrico Labayen. Grace loves working with children and  loves sharing to them her love for dance and the joy that comes with it.  Being a wife to her loving husband and mother to her two beautiful children keeps her inspired and motivated as she continues to pursue her passion for the arts.

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