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Trainee Dance Program

Strong dance foundations. Maximum value.

Our Trainee Dance Program is designed for those who understand the immeasurable value of dance. It offers families discounted tuition and other financial perks when students enroll in 3 or more specific classes for the entire year.

What's Included?

  • Discounted annual tuition (approx 15%, 20%, and 25%)

  • Recital and costume fees (savings of $35 per show & approx $20 per costume)

  • 2 complimentary tickets to the June recital

  • A monthly payment plan

The Bundles

3-Class Bundle

Students must enroll in ballet, hip-hop, and either lyrical OR jazz.

4-Class Bundle

Students must enroll in ballet, hip hop, lyrical OR jazz, and 1 additional class of their choice.


5-Class Bundle

Students must enroll in ballet, hip hop, lyrical OR jazz, and 2 additional classes of their choice


Why The Trainee Dance Program?

Consistent training brings out the best in each student.


We see this in the studio and in everyday life. The Trainee Dance Program is an incentive for families who wish to invest in multiple classes.

How it works

  • Parents and students choose a bundle

  • Parents contact the studio to discuss class placement based on student's abilities, age, and dance experience

  • Parents enroll students in the appropriate classes as chosen by Dance Creation

  • Students show up, work hard, and shine


Level 1

- students 7 - 9 years old

- Intro level for all dancers

- No experience required

Level 2

- students 10 - 17 years old

- Intermediate dancers

- minimum 2 years experience

Level 3

- students 10 - 17 years old

- Senior dancers

- minimum 3 years experience


Bundle A (3 Classes)
Bundle B (4 Classes)
Bundle C (5 Classes)
Level 1
$160/month + HST
$200/month + HST
$220/month + HST
15% tuition
Level 2
$160/month + HST
$200/month + HST
$220/month + HST
20% tuition
Level 3
$170/month + HST
$210/month + HST
$230/month + HST
25% tuition

*Monthly fees also include all recital & costume fees

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