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Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes
Fall Term
Winter Term
Spring Term
13 weeks
8 weeks
13 weeks
30 Mins
$169 + HST
$104 + HST
$169 + HST
45 Minutes
$195 + HST
$120 + HST
$195 + HST
1 Hour
$ 240.50 +HST
$148 + HST
$240.50 + HST
1.25 Hours
$253.50 + HST
$156 + HST
$253.50 + HST

Trainee Dance Program

3 - Class Bundle
4 - Class Bundle
5 - Class Bundle
Approx. Savings
Level 1
$160/month + HST
$200/month + HST
$220/month + HST
15% Tuition
Level 2
$160/month + HST
$200/month + HST
$220/month + HST
20% tuition
Level 3
$170/month + HST
$210/month + HST
$230/month + HST
25% tuition

*Monthly Fees also include all recital & costume fees


Per Class
1.25 Hours
$23 per class
1 Hour
$21 per class
45 Minutes
$18 per class
30 Minutes
$15 per class

Please register through our Parent Portal as you would for other classes. Availability is subject to enrollment.

Tuition Policies


Payment for recreational classes is due upon registration and must be made through our Parent Portal online system.  Students enrolling in the Trainee Dance Program will sign up for auto-pay and their monthly payments will be collected on the 10th of each month.


Weekly Class Refund Policy

Refunds will only be issued during the first week of the term. If a student wishes to pull out during week 1, the family will be charged the drop-in fee. All remaining weeks will be refunded. After week 1, no refunds are available.

Monthly Payment Plan Refund Policy
In the event that a student enrolled in a monthly payment plan opts not to complete the program, the payment will persist until the conclusion of the current term.

Drop-In Refund Policy

All drop-in fees are non-refundable for students who cancel within less than 24 hours of class. If a student cancels before the 24-hour mark, their drop-in fee will be transferred to a credit which can be used at any point during the term.

Camp Tuition Refund Policy

No refunds are available.

Ready to Register?

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