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About Us

Our Story


Dance Creation was founded in 2017. What started as a small studio has grown into a thriving community for kids and adults alike.


We are Moncton's only licensed Leap 'N Learn dance school. This means we specialize in first-class early childhood dance education and work with little ones as young as 18 months. We celebrate both artistry and competitive dance. We believe victory is won on the journey to the stage. Our competitive team's 2023 debut garnered multiple top honours in both regional and national competitions. We aren't in the business of collecting trophies but it sure feels good to work hard and win at what you love.

Our Heart

Dance Creation's purpose is to lead a new generation of young dancers whose talents, abilities, and character are recognized and built upon. We are intentional to instill in our dancers passion, self-esteem and confidence, as well as allow them to discover their own unique artistry. As we inspire and motivate them to be the best dancers they can be, their well-being is our primary goal while their abilities are secondary.

Our center believes in strong leadership.  As teachers, our influence on the students reaches far beyond the four corners of the classroom. We strive to maintain a positive environment for our students where each feels safe and accepted, loved, and encouraged. We welcome all students, regardless of their age or dance level.

We believe in excellence. We help our students perform their utmost best while experiencing the pure joy of dance. We believe in community. We are strong together and we create deep relationships with one another. We seek external opportunities for our young dancers to share their talents through performances and workshops to impact various parts of our Moncton community.

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Our Core Values

Love & Acceptance

Everyone matters and has value. Everyone belongs.


We respect our teachers. We respect each other. We respect the time and space we have.


We develop and strengthen character by practicing honesty, dependability, and loyalty.


We pursue excellence and encourage one another to give our very best in everything we do.


We look for ways to serve each other in love.


We uphold a modest dress code and require clean, age-appropriate movements, costumes, and music.

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