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Meet the Team


Grace Caines

Founder & Director

Jazz, Ballet, House, Creative Worship, Little Leapers

"I love teaching dance because it brings joy to my heart and I am able to explore my creativity, whether it be in the choreographic process or in the elements of teaching. I love being able to share my love and passion with my students. Most importantly, I love that I am able to inspire and equip the next generation of dancers."

Gretchen Mejorada

Teacher & Competitive Coach

Hip Hop, House

"I love teaching because dancing in general makes me feel like home ane when I teach, I hope my students feel something similar, like feeling safe or accepted. Like they belong. As a teacher, when you see your students' growth and improvement—when they reach a level that's beyond what you've reached—then you know you've done your job. It's the most rewarding feeling, truly is a blessing.


Terry Du



"I love teaching breaking classes because hip hop culture literally changed my life. By teaching and sharing with the youth and community, it's my way of giving back to the culture properly."

Janica Capson

Teacher & Competitive Coach


“I love teaching because I get to inspire and be inspired by students. Teaching gives me the outlet to be creative and allows me to use my artistic side."


Rokaya Duval-Lanteigne



“I love teaching dance because it fuels the soul.”

Emma Lutes


Stepdance, Hip Hop, Little Leapers

“I love teaching because I get to watch kids discover their own passion for dance. It’s a privilege to witness their joy & growth."


Jenelle Leaman

Teacher & Competitive Coach

Jazz, Tap

“I love teaching dance because of the bond that I forge with students as they learn and grow into dancers."

Liam Caines


Ballet, Strength and Conditioning, Technique Foundations

“I love teaching because it gives me a chance to share what I love with others.”


Gaby Lavoie

Teacher & Competitive Coach

Hip Hop

"I love teaching because I love to see dancers grow and evolve during the semester. It's amazing to witness challenges being overcome and how dancers build confidence every day. I love everything about dance, how you can express yourself and make people feel emotions, how you bond with your team and how you become someone else on stage. Behind every dancer who believes in themselves is a teacher who believed in them first.”

Kailyn Pickard

Teacher & Competitive Coach

Hip Hop, Contemporary

"I love teaching dance because it allows me to visually express how I feel. I love pushing dancers to reach their full potential and explore new forms of movement. I think we can all agree: dance is one of the most powerful ways of expressing ourselves as artists, and as individuals."


Maxyne LeBlanc



“I love teaching because sometimes I get to be the person who passes along the light of dance that was once given to me. I get to see young people completely fall in love with dance and it fills my heart with joy. It reminds me of what it felt like when I began obsessing over dance as a child, such an overwhelming feeling I will always cherish!"

Jayden Capson

Student Teacher

Lyrical, Hip Hop

“I love teaching because I love being able to share my passion with young dancers.”

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