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Terry Du, a.k.a. FaithOne, teaches all of Dance Creation’s breaking classes. He began b-boying 24 years ago in Hazelton, British Columbia. After graduating from high school in 2002, he moved to Newmarket, Ontario. That’s where he discovered the Toronto breaking scene. 


A few years later, FaithOne decided to venture to the east coast. He landed in Moncton, became affiliated with a local rap artist, Nayles, and joined Floor Elements Crew. FaithOne began competing in the Atlantic breaking scene in 2008. For three years, he and his partner, B-Boy Method, journeyed all over Atlantic Canada competing against dancers from far and wide. They placed Top 3 in almost every competition. 

His knowledge of the breaking comes from teachers and well-respected pioneers such as Crazy Legs, Y-Not, Poe One, Mr. Wiggles, Frost, Profo-Won, Lynx, Crazy Smooth, Kid Glyde, Puzzles, and Lenny Len. Currently, FaithOne can be found hosting & judging local battles with Atlantic Breaking Alliance. He volunteers with youth programs and teaches fundamental breaking classes at various dance schools around greater Moncton, including Dance Creation. 

Special shout out to Mr. Terry Du as he celebrates his birthday this month!

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